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Last Updated: 12th May 2022

Birds and other wildlife recorded in April 2022

A number of Pheasants were heard nearby. Red Kite, Sparrowhawk and Buzzards were all encountered as were the expected Stock Dove and Woodpigeon. Both common woodpeckers were recorded: Green and Great-spotted. The usual corvids were about: Magpie, jay, Jackdaw (over 20 on the 22nd), Rook and carrion crow. The number of nests in the rookery has varied considerably – strong winds affected them, and now it is quite difficult to count them as leaf burst means they are more difficult to see – at some point early in the month there were about 19 and this number then reduced – and by now many of the youngsters will have fledged.

 A Goldcrest – one of Britain’s tiniest birds, the other being Firecrest – was heard in the larches. Blue Tits and Great Tits were very vocal this month, and there were occasional Long-tailed Tits, no longer flocking but pairing up. The summer migrant Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps (many on the 17th) were very easy to hear – but nobody has recorded Willow Warbler or Garden Warbler yet!

Nuthatches were seen and heard, and Wren and Blackbird were common, often emitting alarm calls before being seen. Song Thrushes have also been singing a lot this month – a varied but repeated song. Robins and Chaffinches were also abundant.


Plants: There were good shows of Wood Anemone, Lesser Celandine and Dog’s Mercury, and – of course – Bluebells. These were quite early this year and provided a magnificent show.  The Common-spotted orchid leaf rosettes are abundant.


Butterflies: Many sightings were recorded of Brimstone, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Holly Blue, and Orange-tip. Look out for the rest!


Other wildlife: Plenty of Dark-edged Beeflies and bumblebees, and hoverflies. And of course – in the pond – tadpoles and water-boatmen.


More people have sent in their sightings this month – Thank you -please continue to do so!


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