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Last Updated: 11th March 2019

Birds and other wildlife recorded in February 2019

Two Red Kites were seen on the 25th, and a single Buzzard were recorded no Sparrowhawk this month. There were also Black-headed Gulls flying over. This month we had not only Woodpigeon and their modest cousin the Stock Dove, but also Collared Doves. Green Woodpeckers were around, and there is quite a lot of activity from the Great-spotted Woodpeckers, sometimes drumming against a rival, to try to establish a territory. All the common corvids were recorded: Magpie, Jackdaw, Crow and Jay and there were 12 Rooks on the 11th, but alas only 2 nests so far.


A Goldcrest was heard and eventually seen, and there were of course plenty of Blue and Great Tits, and some Long-tailed Tits in low numbers. Skylarks sang not in the wood but in the nearby farmland, and their song can be heard from a great distance.


Nuthatch calls were also recorded, as were the calls and song of the diminutive Wren a lot of volume from a small bird! It is always a pleasure to hear Song Thrushes and two were giving forth on the 21st.  Song is a sure sign that birds are getting ready for breeding safeguarding a territory and attracting a mate. Dunnocks, whose breeding habits are far too irregular to describe on our website, and Robins, made themselves heard; and finally, three of the finch species were reported: Chaffinch, Goldfinch and Bullfinch. No Greenfinches this month?


In the unexpected warm hot weather butterflies were recorded certainly a Brimstone in the woods and probably many more unreported. Please record all your sightings!

The Snowdrops in the old wood seem to have diminished this year only a couple of flowering spikes. But as I write (early March) there are plenty of Primroses showing, and Ground Ivy flowering, and the Bluebell shoots are doing very well, spreading themselves slowly but surely into the more recently wooded areas.

Do please send in your records!

Come on all you frequenters of Linslade Woods we need your records!!

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