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Last Updated: 11th September 2022

Birds and other wildlife recorded in August 2022

Rather a brief list for this month the wildlife and the recorders were all rather exhausted by the overpowering heat!  It is also the time of year when many birds have bred and gone into moult; feeding the youngsters and the bodily tiring task of re-growing new feathers are exhausting and leave the adult birds vulnerable so they tend to keep a low profile.

However, it was good to hear a juvenile Sparrowhawk calling on a couple of occasions; no other raptors were actually recorded, though it would be unusual if some Red Kites did not glide overhead. Stock Dove and Woodpigeon were about, and there were several records of both the common woodpeckers: Green and Great-spotted.

Of the corvids only Magpie, Rook and Carrion Crow were noted.  Blue and Great Tits were about, and Chiffchaffs were still making their call (much less distinctive than their two-syllable song).  Nuthatches called and whistled, and Wrens were heard, usually making alarm calls from the shrubs and low branches.

Blackbirds often one of the most obvious species were noted in small numbers, and Robins are now beginning to make their slightly mournful autumnal song.  Dunnock was recorded - but no finches!

Of the other wildlife there were notes of Large White, Small White and Gatekeeper butterflies.

And the mammals? None recorded apart from humans and dogs! except for some fresh rabbit droppings.

Please keep an eye out for wildlife of any description when you go for a walk in the woods we need the records!


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