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Last Updated: 6th June 2021

Birds and other wildlife recorded in May 2021

Red Kites were frequently seen over the woods and nearby houses and gardens (three on the 7th), and two Buzzards also on that day. Woodpigeons and Stock Doves were encountered on most visits. Great Spotted-woodpeckers were about, as were most of the common corvids: Magpie, Jay, Jackdaw, Carrion Crow and Rook – these were still around the nests on the 7th of the month but there was no activity round the nests three weeks later.

Blue tits and Great Tits were commonly recorded but no Coal Tits. Skylarks were singing from nearby fields – always an uplifting sound! Some of the summer migrants were found – plenty of singing Blackcaps, and no shortage of Chiffchaffs. One Garden Warbler was recorded – a difficult one to separate by song from its cousin the Blackcap – especially as towards the end of the breeding season they mimic each other. Nuthatches whistled and called, and Wrens, Starlings and Blackbirds were frequently recorded.

On the 15th five singing Song Thrushes were heard – quite a record (unless it was one bird with a sense of humour following the human recorder around the wood). Robins and Dunnocks were regularly noted, and House Sparrows were in the areas near to human habitation. The only recorded finch species was Chaffinch.


The only “other wildlife” actually noted, was Grey Squirrel – six on the 15th.



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