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Last Updated: 4th October 2021

Birds and other wildlife recorded in August & September 2021

August and September are always fairly quiet months – the breeding season is over for most species, and many are keeping quiet, re-growing their plumage and getting into condition for winter. Many of the summer migrant species have left, and the winter ones have not yet arrived. There is also a shortage of people recording what they see in the Woods, so this is a plea to everyone to jot down what you see on your walks – please send it to me or put it on the new friends of Linslade Woods Facebook page.

So, what was recorded? A Red Kite soaring high over the trees – always an uplifting sight. Stock Dove and Woodpigeons of course, and both our common woodpeckers: Green and Great-Spotted. All the common corvids were seen – and frequently heard, especially Jays and Jackdaws; Carrion Crows, the occasional Rook and Magpies joined the group. Blue Tit, Great Tit and Long-tailed Tits were all seen – do look out for the shyer Coal Tit, especially among the conifers. The only warbler recorded was the Chiffchaff, but they and Blackcaps will still be around now.  Here were also the sounds of Nuthatch and Wren, and of course, Blackbird and Robin. Finally, House Sparrows were encountered in the trees near to housing. Not a single finch was recorded!

Other wildlife: A Grey squirrel – no surprise there! And a few butterflies, notably Speckled Woods, and Large White.

Let’s hope for a bigger and better list for October!

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