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Last Updated: 16th May 2017

Birds and other wildlife recorded in April 2017

The two main raptors, Red Kite and Buzzard circled regularly over the wood – the former is often seen wheeling over the nearby housing estate. Woodpigeon and its subtler relative, Stock Dove, were frequent but nobody recorded Collared Dove. Green and Great-spotted Woodpeckers called and drummed. Dunnocks, Robins and Wrens were encountered on most visits, and it was pleasant to hear several Song Thrushes uttering their varied songs in different parts of the wood. Blackbirds too gave out their flute-y melodies. (Which is your favourite song?) Great and Blue Tits sang and called and there were still a few small groups of Long-tailed Tits. All the summer warblers have now arrived in Britain, and many were found in the woods: on the 1st five separate Chiffchaffs and a Blackcap were heard; a couple of days later the first Willow Warbler sang its enchanting song. Quite a contrast to the more assertive sounds we heard from Nuthatches, magpies, Jays, jackdaw, and crows. The Rooks nest are difficult to count now that the leaves are fully out – probably 11 to 13. House Sparrows chirped from areas near human territories and three finch species were recorded: Chaffinch, Goldfinch and Bullfinch. No Greenfinches were heard this month – as a species they have been hit by disease, but they are still around in the woods.


The Bluebells have been magnificent, and are definitely spreading from the old woodland area into the new wood. They, like Dog’s Mercury and Wood Anemones are known as Ancient Woodland Indicators (AWIs to the botanists). There has also been a very good display of Lesser Celandine.

LargeWhite   SpeckledWhite   Jay

Large White - Speckled White - Jay

Pictures by Sasha (click to enlarge)

 The mammal list is short – Grey Squirrel, Fox, and Muntjac. Two of these little deer were seen crossing the picnic area on the 3rd – perhaps they were hoping for a change of diet from the Bluebell shoots…


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