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Last Updated: 15h January 2020

Birds and other wildlife recorded in November & December 2019

Its been pretty quiet in the woods for the last couple of months, so here is a joint report for both November and December. Most of the species occurred in both months. Red Kites were seen on many occasions, and are seen almost daily over the nearby estate. Woodpigeons and the more subdued Stock Doves were also around. Both of the common woodpeckers Great-spotted and Green were heard, if not seen, on many visits. All the common corvids were also active: Magpies, Jackdaws (9 pairs were spotted investigating nests in the rookery area in early December) Rooks, Jays (often screaming at each other), and Carrion Crows. At the opposite end of the size scale, it was good to have records of Goldcrest, the smallest British bird. All of the common tits were recorded: Blue Tit, Great Tit and Coal Tit, and so were there distant cousins the Long-tailed Tits (usually still in small parties, calling to each other). Nuthatches were seen or heard on most visits, as were Wren, Blackbird and Robin. Listen out now for Mistle Thrush they are early breeders and you may well hear one singing from a high perch in January. Finally three finches were recorded Chaffinch, Goldfinch and Bullfinch. Look out for winter finches Siskins and Bramblings (or Ramblings as my spell-checker suggested!)
The only mammal recorded was Grey Squirrel but we have reason to believe that the Badgers may be around.
Please send in your records. Lets start 2020 with a lot of observations! Happy new Nature Year.

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