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Last Updated: 27th June 2018

Birds and other wildlife Recorded in May 2018

The only raptor recorded this month was Common Buzzard keep an eye and an ear open for Red Kites and Sparrowhawks! Stock Doves and Woodpigeons were frequently heard. One of the great highlights was the sight of a Tawny Owl chick perched by the nest box on the 22nd, Tawnies can sometimes be heard calling nearby, but it is a rare treat to see one and to know that a pair have bred successfully. Both Green and Great-spotted woodpeckers were recorded, as were the common corvids: Magpie, Jay, Jackdaw, Rook and Carrion Crow. The Rooks have now gone quiet and there were young to be seen at the beginning of the month. Both Blue and Great Tits were often encountered though they are quite quiet now as they are rearing and feeding young. Long-tailed Tits were also seen occasionally. Skylarks sang and hovered over nearby fields. Of the migrant warblers only Chiffchaff, Blackcap and Whitethroat were seen this month where are the Garden Warblers and Willow Warblers? Nuthatch, Wren, Blackbird, Robin and Dunnock were all recorded. House Sparrow were found near housing, and finally three species of finch were seen: Chaffinch, Goldfinch and Bullfinch.

Other wildlife:

Some very interesting dragonfly and damselfly records were sent in; a Large Red Damselfly was seen ovipositing (egg-laying); Azure Damselfly was also recorded, and a third species the Broad-bodied Chaser was observed mating, and later the female oviposited. There were still some Frog tadpoles to be seen in the pond.

Finally Rabbit and Grey squirrel were seen most mammals are very difficult to record!


Please keep those records coming in!

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