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Last Updated: 2nd March

The ‘Friends’ want to build up a list of wildlife seen in the Woods and need your help! We want to know about the birds, mammals and insects that use the area, as well as the plants and fungi that you may see there.

You need to give a date, the name of the species, and whereabouts you saw it (a grid reference (use this grid map click here) would be best, but a brief description of the area will do). A comment is often useful, e g A Song Thrush carrying nesting material; a Muntjac gnawing the bark on a young tree; six Painted Ladies nectaring on thistles; a Blackcap overwintering. Early arrivals and late departures are always worth recording. Because of the sensitive nature of some of your sightings there may be a delay before these are put on the website, or the precise location may not be given - we do not want to see disturbance to nesting birds, or the picking of rare plants! Please help build up a picture of what you see - it may not be rare, but if it interests you, it is likely to interest other users of the woods. Thank you.

Because of the great range of flora and fauna, we have split the task of recording sightings. Send your sightings of birds and plants to Judith Knight, by email at judithknight@waitrose.com.

Rory Morrisey has volunteered to take sightings of reptiles and amphibians, bees, wasps, ants, flies (including dragonflies and hoverflies in particular), grasshoppers and crickets, bugs and spiders. You can email him at rorymorrisey@hotmail.co.uk.


To see a monthly list collated by Judith - click here ; by Rory click here or to see Tony’s page click here.

As all our ‘spotters’ are keen amateur naturalists there will be a mixture of ‘spots’ by all!

Rainfall in Linslade Wood

The figures for February 2023 are 5.5mm over 5 wet days. A dry month, but last year we had 59mm in February. The 5 year rolling average is 46.1 for February, so 2023 continues the dry period. In fact, February was the 5th driest month since our records began in 2012.

Rainfall Data supplied by Dave & Sue Booth

Click here to see their historical records 

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